Monday, September 26, 2011

Home is where the heart is

I had a GORGEOUS saturday. SO chilled, so jam packed and fun-ducational!One of those days where you're just like wow! Today's a good day. My heart was about to jump out of my chest with just the sheer joy, but also was beating a few beats slower with calm happiness. Thank you Universe for those blessings.

Let's explore this magical continent.

Spent it with some pretty cool peeps too. Finally had the PLEASURE of meeting Bailey's mom! Gorgeous, warm, kind, gorgeous and amazing looking is all I can say. That and no wonder her daughter is so incredible. Bumped into them looking flawless and Saturday casual at the
Joburg Art Fair. 
A is for Africa (and art)

Art fair twice in one day to boot! I had a great lunch and most of all, my late afternoon tea was the highlight of my day. Geeky delights  I call it.

Had an interesting conversation that started out with us discussing how many countries in Africa speak French and which ones in particular. This then translated into a game of how many of Africa's 53 countries can you name. We felt really disappointed with ourselves when we were stuck on 30 only. But what a worthy opponent I had, who then proceeded to name countries like Eritrea and Mauritania, which hadn't even entered my head! Such fun! Then it was onto the capital cities of these countries! Oh the fun never ends on this continent! Wowzer! Best part of my day!

Thank you!

The place we call home.
Beautiful Africa.

1 comment:

  1. Love the Africa's! And nerdy games. Because, as you say, intelligence is sexy.

    PS> My mom loved meeting you. Coffee/lunch is up next on the cards



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