Monday, February 7, 2011

Zuma is Kingston's brother!

Cute aren't they. Better yet, isn't he. Little Zuma Rossdale and his soon to be a heartbreaker older brother, Kingston.

Now here's the thing, I am South African and proudly so. So many might dare to say that zuma is in fact the president of this blessed Republic that is South Africa. The only Zuma I can wholly acknowledge really is the youngest of the Rossdale clan, i.e Kingston's younger brother.

Taking for all the dictionaries I've scanned in search of a definition of the title president (have to be certain),the unmistakable commonality in all consulted is that a president, is a LEADER!!!! My my a what do you say? A LEADER!! Whether in a corporate or government setting, a president is the LEADER!(Just had to point that out.) Etymologically, president, means, "one who presides." Once again, what does that denote, some semblance of sense, ORDER, ORGANISATION and wait for it....LEADERship!

All of the above which thine, shower loving, somehow wrangled his way into the position of statesman is not. Speaking of state, that's exactly what he's got this beautiful country in. A RIGHT, BLOODY, STATE! State of our roads = disaster! Check! State of our national health = Medical emergency! Check! DIRE State of National Education =  Mass regression if not retardation!Check!

While I'm not some hectic bandit for the cause, having an ANC pamphlet shoved into my car at a traffic light this weekend, I found myself inordinately incensed. Maybe all my thoughts have been building up!

You know, let's not blame ye Old dancing, showering zulu for everything, but when someone asked me a question about the president of south africa, I was struck by the fact, that I had to pause, while I mentioned everyone from De Klerk to Desmond Tutu. No mr shower head!! Eek! Then they made it worse and asked how long he has been in power. Well I'll be damned, I sat there trying to figure out election dates and inaugurations and I struck a formidable blank! BLANK!Nothing!!!NIENTE! How is that possible. While I admonished myself for this lack of knowledge in local current political affairs, I soon came to realise that it really is through no fault of my own. I am in general well abreast of all things political in every corner of the world, so HOW could it possibly have been missed in my own proverbial back yard! Because there is NOONE who presides in this back yard!!

Many a time over the past few years have I pondered the fact that our country really resembles a grade 1 class with no teacher! Chaos, anarchy and disorder reign supreme, until the teacher (insert LEADER here) steps in to restore order. It's like a big house, the owner needs to maintain the property, like the president needs to PRESIDE over the maintenance of said country.That essentially includes, all the roads (think of it as the lawn or driveway - wait better yet, let me give you something you can relate to - it will damage your standard issue AMG vehicles!) Sure that has your scared Mr Showerhead!

While I'm no ranter, I am suitably distressed.Really we are a country with NO LEADER.A global laughing stock of a stocky little shower man, but NO LEADER!As any country has problems and corruption is the really the way the political cookie crumbles in one way or another, it leaves a gall laced taste in my mouth at this blatant, offensive display of misappropriation of public funds and just everything else done in bad taste.Moreover, MOST important things going to waste and ruin!

I'm generally a very positive person, but this bathing goon and his cronies is really taxing on my positivity. We need a leader to take charge and probably charge a few backhanded personal fees, but c'est la vie. Mbeki, I remember him. He was bright yes, but wasn't really a people person, but he had took a stand and well in general it seemed for the most part that he was taken seriously. There was some semblance of order.Listen noone's asking for miracles, but we really need do need to know that someone's in charge,that there's a LEADER.

Until then I am pretty sure that Zuma is Stefani and Gavin Rossdale's son! A beautiful little boy, with a very handsome older brother and some damn good looking and loving parents. And they run their house!

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  1. Right you are. Leaders need to take accountability but more than that, they need to serve the country and its people.
    Serving the country means that you do not look after yourself, your family and your friends but, the country! That means, thinking long-term and not just short term.
    the problem in our country is that we have no foresight! None! Even in football. A new coach arrives, loses 3 games and he is booted. It took Alex Furgeson 3 seasons to get to where he is and now Manchester United is unstoppable. Get my point?
    If our leaders had any foresight, in other words "do your damn job" then personally, I wouldn't mind if they were corrupt. As long as they did their jobs, then I would continue to Vote. corruption is universal but the difference is that successful leaders do their jobs!
    There, I've given them a simple strategy on how to stay in power without them having to deceive us that if we vote for them, we will go to heaven. What's the simple strategy? All together now..."DO YOUR JOB and serve your country and its people"


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