Monday, November 8, 2010

should we start a book club?

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I'm short of books to read, but more than that I'm short of connecting with my old friends. The good ones that I like and actually want to keep. Along the way we lose people in our lives and let's face it, in some cases that really is no real loss, but rather a relief and a definite, why the HELL did I not do that sooner?!

BUT there are those goledn oldies, the ones from high school, that didn't fizzle away with the drunken blur of receiving our final exam results. Those who no matter where we are or where we moved, when we meet, we pick up where we left off. But that's just it, we barely meet anymore. That is ridiculous. Work has taken over and it really shouldn't and we have just become lazy or not bothered, which is bad.

We need to get together, because these relationships are honestly why we are still up and running. They are the Jungle Oats to our breakfast of life. These friendships should be championed and maintained and cherished.

ASooo..should we start a book club, so we can see each other more often. At least now we'd have scheduled dates and times and noone could back out of this. We could bring new friends too...Nothing quite like it. Oh and I could get some more ideas on what to read.Wouldn't that be a treat.

We would un-WINE-d and just catch up life and some good G on G (girl on girl) bonding!...hihi...That sounds rude and it's not meant to be...

So let me know your thoughts or perhaps propose some prose...


  1. yes yes yes !! i would love to be in your book club!! Have you read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer?! Just started & i am loving it.....liz

  2. Oh my darling Liziwe! I would move to CT just so we could! I haven't read it or even heard of it, but it sounds so fitting.Off in pursuit!


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