Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vanilla for DETOX

I need to on so many levels!Get it all out of my system. All the toxins! I think that means some people too. I think detox is about letting go! Frankly that's what it is I think! Letting go! Sometimes it just feels a little tougher than others. I'd rather be on a juice fast than realise the obvious that some people in my life, I can't keep in my system if they are of no benefit or I can't just figure out what they are really doing there in the inner recesses of my heart most particularly! Tough detox that one!

Today I had a detox body wrap, which smelt like Vanilla!Great metaphor for my life currently I thought! Comforting more than great. At least if I have to let some yucky stuff go, at least I can smell nice! That coupled with a dry float bed, which really was great in terms of release.Letting go and letting myself!

I'm miserable today!Just  down, miserable is SOOO over the top! Tired, drained and willing those outstanding invoices to be paid out to me!!!Aaah!!!
The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

Back to detox...mmm letting go...there's a lot of that I need to do.And forgive!Myself for what I've done to myself and not forgiven myself for.Ooh, let it all out.Maybe I should go for a little crying too!My tear ducts could do with some detox of their own.Not to mention my poor heavy heart! I'm sad, that cannot be denied.Though My current unquenchable thirst hints to my liver and kidney detox currently in effect, my heart needs a solid emptying and letting go itself!

But the insides are in serious detox.And NO not the ones you think!! My heart! My soul is letting go and my heart is a little sore I must say.Letting go makes you wonder and REFLECT oh boy looking back upon or just looking forward upon is daunting, daring and darn right scary!eek!!

I have made some major cuff ups in my life.So closed to all the wonderful things that life has to offer.Unconscious,conscious, whatever, when you know better you do better!Tallyho, who knows.Now I'm starting to I guess! This is difficult!From the inside out!! I'm wrung out from the insides.This is like a life yoga twist, wringing out my insides! Feelings that need to go.

The phone is empty of the people I don't know, shouldn't know, don't want to know anymore, because they're not good for me.Sadly my life is also empty of some people who meant a lot to  me, because I was not open to them loving me.What nonsense is that?!Strange,but true,I did it, how about you?!

So now,I'm going to start running,got to run this fat out of my body too!Heaven,how did I let all this disaster befall me.Anyway It's over now.Well that part anyway.let's let the past be what it is.

It's a new year in my life.Spring has sprung and I'm a year older and that is a wonderful thing.

So here's to detox of the life kind...Letting go of all that needs to be gone and being open to everything and being equipped to know what to let go and what to hold onto with all my might, because contrary to my bizarre, often warped beliefs, it might and most probably is the real thing and it is good for me.

Light, love, happiness, adventure and more love.
And a big hug and kiss to myself.

It's gonna be sweet!!!

Letting go and getting go-ing.

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