This moment

I should really be sleeping....or should I? I'm not well, so rest is probably ideal, but how I got to this unwell,restless state is probably more of an important question to note.
The older I get, the more I realise that my heart is not meant for unkindness. I firmly believe that a lot more can be achieved through kindness and thoughtfulness that pettiness and meanness. There is so much to go around, enough for everyone and this constant, self involved greed is really what is ruining things, even the planet. We do not own nature, with the series of rapids on our South Africa highways and other natural disasters ocurring at an ever increasing rate, I think Mother Nature is done giving subtle hints Frankly, who can blame her?

As another weekend seems to have just blitzed into reality, I am ever more conscious of how precious all our moments are. We always dream of a million forevers, but honestly right now is when we are building forever. This very moment.

What are you putting in your forever bank right now?



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