Hi five to the weekend

walking into this weekend like ...
Happy Friday bloglets!

Stay warm here in these Jozi streets, with news of a mega cold front headed our way, studying and working indoors seems to be majorly attractive this point. Though Sunday lunch with my beauties and their babes under the big oak seems set to delight my heart to no end.

Stay true to you and even when times get tough remember the essence before you fall off your path over meaningless distractions. A colleague of mine, who later became a friend, said such great words to me that really resonated with me last year, we were talking about some movement or other and we were talking about how some silly comment from a stranger can distract people so easily, that they veer off their course entirely and then that means the distractor has in fact won.

That same friend had me writing an obituary this week, which was quite a deviation from my usual daily tasks and work. Interesting to take a moment to immerse yourself even so fleetingly into the deepest core of strangers' lives and dive into a moment of such immense vulnerability. So much pressure to put what is unwordable into words that do the person that is being remembered justice. It was an honour to be given this opportunity and trusted to do it justice. May her beautiful Soul rest in peace.

Work hard this weekend. SET DATES to your dreams, so they become goals!

Light, lightness and gratitude



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