Thank YOU


Gratitude! So essential. What was it that Oprah says, "If the only preayer you ever say everyday is, THANK YOU, then that will be enough." Oops Oprah got that from Eckhart Tolle, but still, the words are important.

I feel kids get this gratitude thing so much more in their essence. They take such delight in the littlest and simplest of pleasures. My heart feels like it's going to burst watching my friend's most beautiful twin babes laughing out loud at the simplest thing, I find myself cracking up too. It's so wonderful and I am hard pressed to find words to express any of the joy and just plain magical gratitude in those moments that capture my heart and live with me forever. Thank you bestie and your baby girls.

Thank you Universe. I am so infinitely loved and I am so grateful that I love too.

There really is so so much to be grateful for, may this gratitude guide us daily and hold us dearly on those days that test us.

Love, light, lightness...



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