Try me Tuesday

My mom does a thing which frustrates and hurts my feelings too, she really is often afraid to try. As I've got older I realised that my mom is a person, with a past and scars and healing that she has not got to yet, so I need to be gentler with her and the things she is afraid to do. I might thing is amazing and capable of achieving so much, but often we don't see ourselves as others see us,only as we are inside.

Fear that terrible little liar and captor has all of us in places that we often should not be. My mantra this year has literally been somewhere along the lines of, "bye fear Felicia."

Why also does my mom not wanting to try get to me? Well as humans things that irk us in others, bring to light something inside of us, touches a nerve. If we didn't have it, we wouldn't see it in someone else.

So I'm also averse to trying sometimes and so hence this post. It is so important to try stuff. How do you know that you may not love it? I went on a blind date one Tuesday last year, which was something I'd not tried before. I met the most amazing man, who looked at me like I was magic. We are not together, but imagine if I had not tried.

try, before you buy. It does not just apply to purchases, but experiences in life.

Think about...TRY something. Try something new, try something not so new again, try... It's really part of living I'm discovering.

Boldness to your wonderful, trying hearts. Magic everywhere!



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