Still becoming...

You know I am often so stressed that I don't know what I'm doing with my life and not where I am supposed to be. Then I have the sadly fleeting moments where I get a glimpse of the truth that I am so exactly where I am meant to be. I was listening to something this morning and it really struck me when the lady said, you are "still becoming..."

Isn't that the truth!? Who knows. Our own truth is always in these places inside of us, that we often look into last. Often because we are afraid of something that isn't even scary in the light of ourselves.

Monday morning has been lovely. I need to be off to yoga in a bit. My soul needs it and my body will benefit.

Here are a few wonderful links from the internet of things, that I wanted to share this Monday morning...

Strawberry breakfast cake is what I'd like to bake this week (maybe with raspberries, they're in season here)


  1. Oh my oh my ... daily I go through this turmoil - and the treasure of finding that glimpse of a truth sometimes buried deep within
    But oh, how I wish there was someone who could just take me by the hand and show me the way...
    Have a lovely Tuesday xx


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