hi !

This sure is true for me {source}
How are you?? I'm not done resting yet. I'm super tired today, that's how I felt when I woke up this morning. Also was a bit anxious, did as much admin as I could bear this morning and then well...just kinda zombied my way through the day until I decided it was time to make myself dinner..

Felt good to be back in my kitchen, I know I'm feeling better when I can get back into my fave place!

I find myself really anxious today. I'm not up to making plans. Scared of the whole notion really, the muchness of it all... I'm feeling overwhelmed, so I'm being extra gentle with myself! trying...Maybe the antibitotics and strange sleep cycles are messing with me on many levels...But also, likely, it might be the stirring discomfort of change and well... I welcome it...

Light and love, to myself in all the parts that need all the light. Same to you lovely readers.



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