Saturday, November 14, 2015

weekend vibes

Love. Love. Love... On my mind, in my heart.

Summer time is really almost here... Can this heat wave in our province qualify as spring still. I love spring, so Im holding onto this notion as long as possible. Summer will be in December...thanks ;)

I've been quiet lately, but here is my little reading list for the weekend from my favourite spots on the internet...

What do we really need when it comes to suppliments?
I'm increasingly conscious about being a little miss complainy pants, so do not want to get here 
Getting in touch with some useful tech 
Earned it - I got this entire album yesterday

May you "make it look like it's magic," may you see the magic everywhere, in the teeniest tiniest of places!
May you be infinitely surprised by the wonder of life!

happy weekend beautifuls


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