Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Spring to it

I do love and I mean LOVE this season. More and more, as I am blessed to have many beautiful babes in my life and my own special babes (nephews and nieces) grow up, I am really reminded about the passing of time. From newborn snuggles, to 6 month old giggles and chasing toddlers and then the first pair of skinny jeans comes, all too soon. More than anything what having babies in my life has taught me, is about about WONDER and just how preciius each moment is and how much enhoyment you get from just being in it. With children we are deeply submerged in the moment. We are not worried about it passing or what is coming next, what we do is that we are in it! That is the most important thing of all. Isn't it wonderful?! That is magic. Also it is always a marvel to know that your heart an hold so much love and that it could almost burst!

Spring is a new season and it is always such a great reminder that the winter is over. As is the winter of our lives. I love the sunshine and warmth. I am a spring baby. Born in this season. What I'm learning though is to be fully immersed in whatever is happening. The moment. I always prided myself on multi tasking, but as time goes by I've just realised that it is all a little silly really, because I never am fully involved in something and on the whole it takes really so much longer to get stuff stuff. Also I feel I don't give each task the love and respect it deserves. This of course is a daily reminder practice, some days are better than others. Just a little bit of the yoga of my life. I am trying to sprinkle this stuff everywhere.

Spring comes with cleaning, the ever proverbial clean. My bestie and her sisters have been all about the Kondo-ing lately and I will be getting on it. The anxiety at even tackling my clothes. My delicious dad thinks that I have a lot of clothes and that is where all my money goes. (he is mistaken, food is where all my money goes.hihhi). Tomorrow, we tackle clothes. I'm excited and terrified. Looking forward to keeping only the stuff that brings me joy.

Enjoy the day, enjoy the moment, enjoy the joy, enjoy the season. Time is passing, it is a present to be present.

Love, light, spring flowers and joy to you all


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