Friday, July 24, 2015

weekend winning

Hang out with your faves this weekend. {source}
Hello Friday!! You are beautiful! So is everything that comes with you and the days that come after too.

This is such a special weekend. My best friend in the world's babes turn 2 on Sunday. I am so sad and thrilled and teary and amazed and nostalgic and confused as to where did the time go, and wondering constantly how can they be so inexplicably beautiful and amazing and how it's possible for my heart to hold such love for two of the most perfect beings without bursting. My friend is such an amazing Mama and the honour of watching her be everything I expected of her and beyond my wildest imaginings of an amazing Mama. I guess she has a great blueprint, she's been raised by an amazing Mama herself. 2 is such a special age, but these wonderful little big beings and even biggers hearts amaze me and fill my heart with ceaseless joy and make me constantly want to burst into the happiest flurry of tears. Babes make birthdays mean so much more!

I wish you all a weekend that is filled with many things that fill your heart and soul with wonder. May you be amazed. May you kiss, may you hug, may you laugh out loud, may you hear a thousand words from just one look. May you be love.


ps: I'm jamming to these here tunes. Have a listen.

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