Saturday, July 18, 2015

Weekend vibes

Aah, happy weekend lovelies. This weekend rolled in rather swiftly. No complaints from here. So much to do and cram into these few 48 hours essentially.

I'm off to celebrate Eid with some of my fave peopme in my family shortly. What to wear is obviously whirring through my head at the moment, because my cousins ALWAYS bring it fiercely.

My bestie is enjoying her cousin's wedding in the bush with her babes. Such a sunny treat.

I have some work to do and in the interest of no procrastination I also will get my assignments done this weekend too.

Oh and work! There is ALWAYS work! Eek.

"Tell the truth even when your voice shakes."  This really resonanted with me today. Tell the truth, tell your truth, firstly to yourself and then it will be easier.

I met a guy last week. It was so good to realise, he's not for me. Yes he's cute, but he is so filled with self doubt, self flagellation and just some not so latent damaged/damaging self stuff, that I saw how so NOT good this would be for me. Well done me, because this would have really have fed my previously unhealed need to fix people.It's not nurture I have to tell myself, it isn't, it's just hard hard work that is ceaseless, bottomless, so deeply draining, unfulfilling and unhealthy. We cannot fix anyone. Each fix one-self. So good to remember that, "a lot of people aren't looking for love, they're looking for help." Know the difference.

So well done to me for learning my lessons! One day at a time. Not all days and weeks can be this clear, but we press on enthusiastically.

Just breathe. Just be.


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  1. A big well done to you! You deserve to be with someone wonderful and nurturing and encouraging and loving and not someone who hasn't yet come to realise that fixing ourselves is an inside job. x


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