Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Vous me manques

Aujourd'hui je vous voyez Paris. Parce que vous me manques trop ces jours là!

I am lucky to get to speak one of my favourite languages often. Just yesterday I was helping my mother with her French homework. I do miss teaching French. There is a teacher inside of me, that's clearly just dying to get out. Maybe soon, I'll be letting her out to roam free. Bah oui ;)

There is something I have with the love of this city. Le roi, Francois I, has it so right, it surely is a world.

I need to go see my world soon! That's the thing about love, when your heart connects with something, the connection remains despite distances and the odd lovers' quarrell.

Paris, vous me manques. Je reviens tout suit chéri. 

Gros bisous


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