Thursday, July 16, 2015

Number 10

I am my biggest nemesis to progress. If there is one tendency I would like to throw away and not even give up, it would be this awful tendency to procrastinate.


It really is a bother.

Now is best!


  1. Thanks for the share my sweet friend, I suffer from the exact same tendency to procrastinate - I can only explain it as a form of self sabotage in my case. This will make you smile.... when I was a lot younger I had big dreams and ideals... but was always contemplating on what it would be and procrastinating on how I'll get there... so much so I registered the domain for 'contemplationproductions' just for one day when I'm all grown up .... that day never came and I since gave up the domain.... Never give up on your dreams, but always give up the procrastination! It will get us as a collective nowhere fast! Much love and have a beautiful weekend xx

    1. MY gosh!! This is so amazing to read!! Always give up on procrastination! It's the only thing to give up! Have a beautiful weekend xx


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