Friday, July 31, 2015


Chocolate everything... {source}

My people in Paris and NYC, are all complaining about the heat! Silly, ungrateful people you!! Come here! We are all holding our bodies tight indoors, because Jo-boogy is now holding onto winter and its icy icy bite!

Much of what I will be doing today will involve the great indoors! Which is wonderful for my work! Funny though, I find I'm so productive in summer really where the sunshine just spurs me on. Winter when I'm frozen, full range of motion is really restricted.

Anyhoo, no complaints. I like this season, because when summer comes, I enjoy it SO much more.

A weekend of indoor time is planned that is for sure. As little of the elements as possible.

What about you?

I really want to bake these (but I need to translate the recipe first)
Singapore is often perfect  
Home made bread 3 words I sure do enjoy
All about nifty storage ideas...saw these yesterday and me needs them
MUST READ: Family Album and reading list (Kimmy & Bear)
Running on my mind
Don't bug boo

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