Thursday, June 18, 2015

It may be broke now....

It will heal in time. I assure you. You know what, I've been there. The funny thing I've come to realise, the heart break is earth shattering and breath stopping and earth smelting and horrible and breaky and oh so achy.
The thing about the healing though it is s subtle and almost sneaky. You don't realise for a long time that you are not just okay, but wait, you're pretty darn excellent. It's only later you see where you used to be and the thought of those feelings, doesn't stop your breath even in the slightest.
Isn't it grand that the healing is actually just subtle. I like that it is not just one big moment, but like a comforting hand that you hold unknowingly, until you're strong and brave enough to let go.

Feel what you need to. Hurt, because you get to and need to heal, in that there are many lessons, love and lightness.

Hugs to your hearts



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