Tuesday, May 26, 2015


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Gosh! I'm that person who has an answer for everything. More still, a question for everything...It's not just the average 4 year old, that asks about 457 questions a day, I ask loads more. 

You know what though...I'm starting to be a lot quieter. Not contrary to my nature actually, but you  know, I'm just realising more and more, some people firstly are not worth me opening my mouth, but more that anything, I should speak where others will listen, but honestly, Nature, just has me zipping it!
It feels good actually.  My the pleasure of just sending a winking smiley face, not even the fancy emoji kind, just a semi-colon and a bracket. My oh my how fulfilling it is to keep it simple. Also I have realised, in some hard and painful ways that some people are really just not worth me opening my mouth. I invest of myself when I say something, so I don't want to waste it.

Just a great thing to think on. LESS is definitely more, even in this case.

My mouth feels so great closed. Trust me on this though, nothing goes unsaid.

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