Saturday, May 16, 2015


Zen golden monkey...yes please!

That's what I feel and say about SO many things that I hold dear. Mostly these things aren't really things in actual fact, but treasured moments, spaces and people.

My home is one of these. My little houselet, apartment, space of happiness, pleasure, sharing, reading, secret whispers, kisses, cuddles, raucous laughter, solitude, sanctuary. All these things and more. I am so careful about who I invite into my space and I highly selective about this, as I don;t want people to ruin my energy or bring theirs into my space. This is a place of love and soothing anf peace for me. My tv is off more than it is on, some days, usually at the end of the week, I'm like oh, between the two paintings, what is that black rectangle..Oh it's a television. Good on ya Mr TV. In this home, we do books in a big way. LOVES it!

My home, my space is so precious. I realise that more and more. So I think it's good that I safe guard this space, final bastion of me. We have to be outside of our safe spaces so much in the day, at work, driving, being exposed to people we choose to date who are careless with our hearts, it's good to have a place that is precious. Yes I have other precious places, but this one is kinda my own, my little hidy house.

Loves it!

Find your precious place. Safe guard it with all you have.

Stay precious


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