Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Office worker

Love how Esha dresses for the office
Seriously in 2015, have we STILL not realised just how little work people do in the office. This 9-5 mentality, really is that best for productivity? If it hasn't really worked for battery chickens, how um, dear humans, does it work for you.

Listen, there are some of us human creatures, who are cool to be in a cubicle, for a set number of hours a day. Good on ya I say! I am NOT one of those people. I can work solidly, but I need freedom. Clocking in and my bestie and I struggle the MOST with...asking for leave. WHAT is that about?

Working super hard is in my DNA, but being stuck to a desk and being tracked, creep me out. Maybe I am an endangered species, one of those rare breeds of employees who likes to think when I work, is highly skilled, goes above and beyond the call of duty and is always learning.

I like the quiet of working from home sometimes. I do like sitting with other people, but sometimes it's not the most productive.

I also like dressing up for work. I have themes too hihi! Working from home is great too, because I like all the mugs available, I know how they've been cleaned and wow, we have amazing tea in this office.

I would like to work in a onesie on some occasions, because quite frankly, I need to be comfortable when I work hard. I found this in this incredible read on working from home on Refinery29.

I look at some of what I wear when I work and have produced some of my best work in and while I'd like to say that was the day I worked my Miu Miu's, I think it was more Nike tube socks over leggings and a long sweatshirt that produced my best work to date.

Rock out with your best mind work out and wear what you will. Work from home if that's your vibe. More corporates, let your staff work where they work best. It doesn't have to be every day, but I swear you will get the best out of your people if you do. #justsaying

I have many many things to do and lunch to prepare too. Hihi...

Got to get back to work.

Discipline is key. That's the easy part though, when you're happy doing what you do.


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