Wednesday, February 25, 2015

while you were sleeping...

So on of my fave blogs posted last year about  what do you do when you're home alone? It just dawned on me this evening as I have really need up to lots of stuff and loving it. My post yoga shower really seemed to give me an extra boost.

So I decided to use it wisely. So I did a load of laundry, then I loaded the dishwasher and switched that on, after tidying the kitchen, I was like, I should get breakfast ready for the rest of the week. Not long to go now with this week anyway. Yeeha! Did that, then I remembered there was a recipe I wanted to try that I saw yesterday. So yes, there I was kneading dough for chapati at this time of the night. Forgot what a great workout it is. I am going out for dinner tomorrow night, but the dough will be well rested when I need it and I'm super excited. I added some toasted flax seed and mustard seed to this recipe. Excited to see what I pair it with.

What do you get up to in this still of night?


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