Monday, February 9, 2015


Um...Not my favourite word really. Definitely not my favourite adjective either. Also it is so wholly intransitive!! What does pretty do? Not much as far as my eye can see.

Beauty is one of those things that really is not at face value for me. Le Petit Prince says it best, (well he says a lot of epic stuff, but he does say, "it is only with the heart that one can see clearly."

So let's take a little walk down this outward "pretty" street... I love Paris and I do enjoy the more mediterranean beauty aesthetic of being far more natural.

Black girls and beauty has always been one of those things that's a matter of contention. Our notion of beauty is often multi layered in history, but that is a whole other series of posts for another day.

I did enjoy this video though on "What's Pretty in Paris?" Having lived there and having had this crisis of externality as it were, I found this particularly poingnant. Just from the perspective of being in Paris in my mid twenties, away from my comforts of home and growing into the woman I am still becoming.

Pretty cool


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