Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Let's just talk about it for a second! Is it not just wonderful and unsettling all at once?

I was watching an incredible movie the other day. Mm I use the term watching loosely, as I was sobbing mostly through it, but it was good. (I generally love most things with Hilary Swank in).

Anyway in this movie, she says, "Be with someone who see you." Isn't that important and so true. You know the feeling when someone sees you, you look into their eyes and you know that who you truly are is what they see.

We often trick ourselves and want to become the person that other person is looking for in you. That is not who you and it is not who they see either, so we fool ourselves in both sides.

My first boyfriend used to look at me so sweetly. It was really special. We've moved on obviously, he's married with kids, but when he looks at me there's this softeness in his eyes and face when he looks at that there are no words to describe. It is still very heart warming and special. I don't know what it is that he sees, but like how your name sounds coming out of your loved ones mouth, the way people look at you and see you is so special.

So love hard. Yes our hearts get broken, gosh do they ever, but we cannot not love again. What an injustice, to yourself, most of all. Some people are lessons in love and loving them is just that, a lesson. Learn it well, so you don't do that again. Life is long as it is short, you want to spend your time wonderfully.



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