Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Just for today,Can I just put up my hand and say F this?!

I just feel like getting up and running.  Actually and screaming a series of expletives out loud! Rocked some super heels today and red lipstick, but still feeling a little agitated in my own skin!! If I were a snake I'd have long hooked myself onto a tree and slid out of this skin.

Change is as uncomfortable as it is necessary and it is unavoidable!


  1. Going through the motions a lot myself at the mo.... and decided it's time to treat myself to a little me-time. Just stumbled up and about to book this awesome looking retreat to reconnect and re-energize http://www.h2oyogaandmeditation.com/Events/Yoga-Energy-flow-retreat.html Come along if you like! And in the meantime.... 'hang in there' and remember to breathe. It'll be ok in the end... that's all I keep telling myself xx

    1. Thank you my hon. Everything just seems more daunting the less sleep we have too. That retreat looks like what is needed in life right now! That or the Four Seasons in Ubud, Bali! Yoga is needed right now. Take care of yourself and when it gets to much drink a glass of champagne and celebrate the smallest victory! xx


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