Have a wonderful weekend

That's the spirit
Whaat it's Saturday?! I didn't have a chance to post yesterday, yes it was an excitingly busy week, but also I had a reunion dinner with all my awesome crazies from high school and there was a hangover that I had yesterday that I certainly did NOT get in high school.

Beautiful bloglets!! We are done with the second month of the year?! How?! Oh well, March, I see ya, give me your best! Thanks ;)

Now here are some reads from the interwebs if you are keen for a little readsies:
I like to pack lunch to take to the office
Celebrating my older sis' big birthday today, I think I want to also go golden for my next celebration

I must get ready now. Would actually like to curl up with a book and read on this rainy afternoon, but there's a party to be had people.

Walking out of the greengrocer this morning, a woman I used to see often at the gym (she's a true gym bunny) saw me and we chatted and she asked if I was running the race tomorrow and I said no I have my sister's birthday party tonight, so not an early morning for me. She was said to me, "celebrate now, don't put stuff off until, because one day when you feel you're ready, you'll be old, alone and that'll be so awful and sad." 

I don't where that came from, everyone has their own story to tell, but it was poignant and fitting.

Enjoy the perfection of right now.

Give tight hugs, hold babies often and kiss the ones you love.

Kisses and cuddles are the best.

Also smile! If nothing else, it makes people wonder what you're up to.



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