Can you Knope?

While I have never watched an episode of Parks and Recreation (not one), I do enjoy Amy Poehler and her sense of humour a lot.

I too believe in a signature dance move. What's yours?

I can sometimes be quite easily distracted, but it's usually if I have almost zero interest in what I am doing anyway. #truestory Anyhoo, I was reading the wonderful Miss Moss' blog and I happened across her Mid Week distraction.

Great read with many amazing finds, but what I liked most of all were the 8 life lessons from Leslie Knope.

Quite frankly, she just gets it and I don't know how I coped without them. One of my favourite parts is lesson no.7 on friendships. Good girl to girl friendships are true and rare treasures and are to be cherished I agree. This line from Leslie is my absolute fave.

Leslie: “You know my code. Hoes before bros. Ovaries before brovaries. Uteruses before duderuses.” 
Hilarious and true in all its hilarity.

I'm exhausted today from the inside out and I've literally limped through my day so far (it's only just gone lunch time), so this was just what I needed in so many many ways!

Keep going keep going keep going.



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