Monday, January 5, 2015

The work we do

It's about that time now where we're all starting to trickle back into the office after our break that just seemed to whizz past. Are you excited to work this year? Depends what it is that you're doing I guess. I'm very sensitive to doing work that I am not passionate about.

Yesterday I read that most billionaires or is it millionaires (oops can't remember). Anyway, most people with immense wealth, have 7 sources of income. That's pretty cool to know. I still think passion and a relentless spirit to get it right and a belief in what you do are what sets them apart too.

I've been looking at a few start ups across the world and it's been so awesome to see what's out there and what awesomeness people are up to.

Have a look at some of the goodies I've found...

Passion Capital The name says it all
It takes a village or maybe simply 9others
Investing in women can only Ellevate girls to the next level 
Africa stays rising with some of these African Titans

Be inspired, be YOU and do the work!


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