Monday, January 12, 2015

Tea Time

I have to have my one, magnificent espresso a day, but what do you find me drinking all day, TEA!
White with gold dots!! Tea most certainly tastes better in these.

I often laugh when I open my kitchen cupboard and I'm still often surprised to see just how much tea I have and also, how much tea I get through. My go to tea tipple is green tea. I'm really into the Jasmine tea at the moment, but having gone to Japan recently, I've found that there is still so much tea that I still need to drink. Funny thing though, I have never had ordinary ceylon tea. Or Five Roses as we South Africans know it. I was raised on Rooibos and it still comforts and soothes me to this day.

When it all gets too much or when I want to celebrate or just be, I put the kettle on the stove and I make a wonderful mug of tea.

*clinks cup* to you!


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