Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Strolls

This morning when I woke up, I thought I still lived in Paris. I was planning my beautiful stroll to the newly built tram that would take me to my Sunday market for a little Sunday supply shopping.

I always have Paris.

On my list:
  • Fresh seasonal berries for breakie
  • Yummy fresh plain yoghurt (full fat only)
  • Succulent roast chicken for a lazy Sunday lunch
  • Fresh greens: basil, raddichio, radishes - salad with everything
  • Carrots! yes carrots with everything, titi Parisienne moi!
  • Oh and fresh, crusty baguette - l'artisanale bah bien sûr
  • Mm and how could I forget those olives in garlic and chilli (yummy snack for all day)
Aah I still pinch myself, that only a few years ago I used to fill in City of Residence: Paris, Ile de France, France. That is all kinds of awesome and I am one lucky little lollipop. It all feels like yesterday and eons ago, all at once. I'm still in love.

Bonne dimanche beauties


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