Friday, January 23, 2015

Say Yay! Say Yay!!

Sprinkle it where you wish

I'm excited. It's Friday. Say YAY!!

Declutter is the plan for the weekend. We hold onto so many things for the memories of times and people long long gone. Let go or at least put it some place else until you can let go. This is a note to self more than anything else.

Saw this link on decluttering your home and I may be using some of these handy tips today or this weekend at least. So many new treasures to be discovered. Decluttering often takes me so long, because I get distracted with things I find in the process.

Here are some more discoveries from my week on the internet:

Piper Winston is a blog I discovered this week. Great recipes and I think I like the aesthetic
Marina Abromavić on aging 
Working hours are always up for debate
Flossing  should be a habit
Are you up for a glass of charcoal juice (food fads going too far?)

Have a wonderful weekend


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