Saturday, January 17, 2015

Present tense

Marina Abramović. Portrait with Flowers. 2009. Black-and-white gelatin silver print; photo: Marco Anelli. © 2010 Marina Abramović. Courtesy the artist and Sean Kelly Gallery/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
I worry a lot. I'm a worrier. Well I'm growing in touch with my warrior self too.

I'm often cautious of the outside. What lies outside of myself. In as much as what lies inside of me too.

I wonder if I'm not present. I worry that I'm not in the present all too much. I am caught up a lot in worrying about what's coming next. I worry about what's gone before. More than anything though, I worry that I am not enjoying the present enough.

This dawned on me quite distinctly when I was having the best time with my Dad recently and I almost reached for my phone when I got in the car and wanted to tweet something about it and I got rather upset about it, because I was like, silly bum, you really enjoyed that moment, no phone and you were in that moment. You will treasure it for life, treasure it for right now. You must be selfish and not diminish it by putting it on Twitter.

Yesterday, my heart was aflutter, I was with my dearest friend in the world and her little babes and her darling preggie sister and her beautiful bump. As I walked into the house, I put my bag down and I left my phone on the table. Babies remind us how quickly time goes past, but mostly what they so beautifully teach us is that we must savour every beautiful moment, because babies do the best things and they do them right NOW. We often want to capture everything and the advent of phones makes it such a quick fix. 

I met a lovely young girl, who is going  to grow into a beautiful hurricane of a woman. She introduced me to this The Artist is Present. This amongst all the other similarities that we seem to have. It's crazy how wonderful and lucky I am to have the Universe gift me certain people at different junctures in my life.

The Artist is Present is really a must watch. Tear jerking in parts, but it really makes you remember how important right now is. More than important, how much of awesome is packed into the moment that is RIGHT NOW! That is an odd type of perfection. Wonderful isn't it.

Enjoy the perfection of right now.



  1. Beautiful! I am the same though, soon as I see something or experience something beautiful, I reach for my phone or camera in order to capture it, to capture the memory of the moment, sometimes to share and sometimes to savour. But sometimes the best moments are the ones captured by the heart alone. Thanks for sharing x
    ps: would love to quote your 'enjoy the perfection of right now'
    would that be ok?

    1. Lindé you can quote me with pleasure! Thank you for the honour of thinking my musings are quotable! x


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