Friday, January 30, 2015

Beautiful day

It's Friday! What a week. A beautiful one at that. Woke up a little late this morning like 6:30am, but I just blitzed through my day. Awesome is as awesome does. My blog post has just been delayed by an hour, because my bestie and her beautiful babes just popped into this glorious coffee shop, where I've set up shop today. So that was a good few minutes most beautifull spent away from my computer.

So why was this week so filled with wonder and beauty. Well my dearest blog friend ("blend" - could this be a new moniker?), Lindé from An Urban Village blogged about something I'd said on my blog last week I think. Not only did she do that, but she made one of her special little printy things for Pinterest and used my mindless musing!! It's crazy when you think, noone reads your blog and then you get blessed with such a special mention. How many kinds of lucky am I. Lindé, we've never met face to face, but thank you so much for the kindness. Even though I wrote it, thank you for reminding me to "enjoy the perfection of right now." This was perfect!

Having had a very difficult past year and just trying to soldier through stuff, this blog and my many special friends have literally saved my life in ways they don't know. THANK YOU.

Don't forget this.

Everything is looking up, as it always does. Also it's a choice I make. I am so incredibly lucky and have so many myriads of things to be grateful for. I know this may sound a little trite and naff,b ut this week reminded me of just that.

Well no week is complete without my usual blog reading and as always, my favey fave Kimmy and Bear, does not disappoint. While I wouldn't call myself broody (lowers gaze :) ), children are super SUPER special to me and close to my heart. Being a parent is THE most important honour one can ever have as far as I am concerned. That's what it means for me, it's not something you have to do, so I take it really seriously. Anyhoo, that's another talk for another day, but I cannot wait to be part of this "hood."

Well besides getting some awesome work and seeing my friends doing incredible work this week, I've had a cool work week.

Wait though, HIGHLIGHT!! I WON SOMETHING!! Wait!! I WON CLOTHES! I DO NOT EVER WIN ANYTHING! SO THIS IS BEYONG INCREDIBLE! Wait and where did I win this awesomeness, none other than Kisua. I covet almost everything they post on instagram and they just have the most inspired mood boards and now I get to choose something from there!! Wow!! LUCKY GIRL! *points finger at self*

My wonderful bloglets. Have a beautiful day. Oh and tomorrow, have a beautiful day too.

Loves and golden sparkles


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