Wednesday, January 21, 2015

10 Minutes

Time moves so fast. The years keep streaming by. I just realised how old I am in years today. I feel nothing like that at all. Finally over 30! Is that scary? No not really. Just thinking about all the things I still have to do, okay all the things I want to do. No have to do. I'm one of those people, if it enters my mind and stays there longer than a fleeting moment, I will at some point in my life commit to it.

Task list of life much?! Listen it works for me. Mostly! No pressure though. Just the pressure I put on myself. Which is about the size of a Roman army on a full day of battle :) Crazy, little button I am.

Accomplishments. I like these. Only for myself though. They make me feel better. I feel I need challenges. I'm terrible at not getting stuff right.

How much time to I give myself though, to just be. How many of us do that? I sent a wonderful friend of mine a message earlier wishing him an awesome day. He responded saying he's trying, but the day is crazy. All I wanted to say back was, STOP the glorification of busy. I think readers so far, are all too aware how little I like the word and concept of busy. I usually say I'm busy to insult someone or be snide. Terrible I know. The more I grow, the more I prioritise and do what's important in order of what is needed for me. I make time and put in effort for what and who is important to me. I'm important to me and more and more, I'm putting in more time for that. I'm here with my marvellous Me for the long haul, BEST we get to know each other.

Cup of Jo is on my must read blog list. She's awesome and today she's talking about writing a love letter. I need one of those. I think though, I'll write one to myself. Maybe I'll even post it, if I am brave enough to share it. Mm... Think a little series would be cool.

Anyhoo, the myriad of thoughts that pervade this mind of mine digress. I saw this meditation post on her blog. Meditate for 10 minutes everyday It's a challenge. I think I'm going to do it from tonight.

Try it.

Give yourself Time,


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  1. Time on my own has become almost vital to me lately - I think this year will be a year of solo for me. Solo is good for the soul (my housemate and I were chatting about it this evening, and she just come out with it!)
    And here's a beautiful quote from the Tao of Women:
    'She contains that which nourishes the world. Pouring freely, the wise woman first quenches her own thirst' :)


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