Thursday, December 11, 2014

Work it!

Dream desk space from here

Man oh lady! While it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, it's also beginning to feel a lot like a very busy time of year work wise. Which is awesome! I do love me some work to do. Terrible at being idle, let me be the first to admit, but also I could procrastinate up a storm and then self flagellate for an even longer period for the procrastination. Now, back to not beign about that life no more.

As a lot of us gear up to wind down, I just saw some really awesome stuffs on the interwebs regarding work that can get us all inspired or give us girls especially something to think about in the coming year and years to come.

Badass bosses and how they did - they're pretty styling to boot

Work hard! Love even harder. Work out! Walk it out! Talk it out!

I better get back to work now.

Hugs and mistletoes kisses to you bloglets


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