Saturday, September 13, 2014


Go big and bold!
It's that awesome time of a week that just flew by! Yikes!! Also just 2 more weeks until we launch our Baby fair with flair! Eeek!! It's around the little baby corner! So excited! Come through you beauties.

I'm devoting this weekend to some ME time. I asked myself a very serious question the other day, who takes care of Me? I often give time and energy to those I love and ever so happily, but I realised also that I am exhausted and depleted. Tired of keeping it together and keeping myself sorted and taken care of on my own. I have my darling bestie who sends me the most beautiful messages and even she doesn't know how much meeting her and her random texts asking checking in on me, save my life in so many ways. I am a lucky girl. As I wrote in my journal last week, Love saved my life.

Have a beautiful weekend you gorgeous bloglets.

Here is a little reading list for the weekend:

Loved this week's post on Kimmy and Bear
Being a girl with a beautiful bigger bottom, this Vogue article, really annoyed me. Bigger bums are NOT a new era!!
These affirmations are straight off the #NYFW runway!

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