Monday, September 22, 2014

This Question...

For you?

I'm not a Mom yet, but over the fast few months, I have really seen myself eye ball deep in all things Mama. You know what?! I've loved it. My bestie had babies and then I also for some reason decided that my bestie having twins was not enough newness and awesomeness and all encompassin-ness. I was sitting at my computer one morning and sent her an email and said, we should do a baby fair. Now I sit, a few days before we launch this beautiful little Mamma and Babe experience and this is definitely my business baby for starters. Rock-A-Baby is my business baby, come and support us if you're in Joburg this Sunday, it promises to be beautiful.

This however, is not what this blog post is about really. Though baby related. I have 2 older sisters, lucky me. One doesn't have a kid yet and we were talking about whether we would have kids and if we did not meet the right man, would we go to a sperm bank and go that route. I said I wouldn't, it's not for me, but it really was an interesting conversation, which then lead me to this question, does every woman want to have children?It is not a birth right by virtue of having a womb and ovaries. It is a beautiful and wonderful choice you make to have your life magically changed forever and your heart light up immeasurably. That is what it means to me.

I found this article very interesting on these well known women who chose not to become mothers. I really don't enjoy the title of the article though calling them childless.

Elizabet Gilbert, of Eat, pray, love fame, has no children and this piece she shares on mother's day is also interesting.

It is a very personal choice, becoming a mother. One I don't think people often cast their minds to and the great task you take up in choosing to bring another life into the world and raise it. To forever love more deeply than there are words and to have your heart walk outside of your body on two perfect little feet.


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