Friday, September 19, 2014

Happy Friday

I've been chuckling since this morning mostly. My sisters have both been making me laugh at different intervals in the day, but more than anything I've just been tickled from the inside for no paticular reason. Which is great!

So in honour of my day I ran my errands today in a beautiful black dress and wonderful, but comfortable and sensible high heels. Oh and lipstick. It makes everything even more awesome right?!

Also it's starting to seem like Friday is my day for cooking up a storm. Last week Friday I did it and tonight as well, I'm roasting a chicken, (those who know me, know it's one of my fave things to do, even though I don't like chicken.) Also making pork burgers with a wonderful combination of sage and rosemary and freshly grated nutmeg(love this).

Have a great weekend you buttons.

We have 10 days to go until our fair, so please buy tickets for Rock-A-Baby

 My reading list wishlist, now inlcudes How to be Parisian... Having lived there, I already feel une peu titi Parisienne, but a little refresher never hurt.

Have a glorious weekend



  1. You sound happy so naturally I am happy.

    1. Aah isn't it wonderful just to give yourself a break and let the chuckles rise to the surface. Thank you, you precious button you!


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