Friday, August 22, 2014

Leaving or staying?

That's my question to the weather and seasons right now. Please pick something and stick to it!

How I'll dress for this weather..
 Oscar Wilde said to speak of the weather is so dul, but I find the weather these past few weeks has really been a case of pathetic fallacy in many ways.

The weekend is upon us. My throat is sore, so I will be nursing myself this weekend and getting some much neeeded rest. Feel like I've just been in hyper drive this week. It's been a taxing week. I am rather drained, but I think I feel my energy picking up a little.

I made this potage for dinner this evening. Quick, simple, so tasty and nutritious. I'm excited. Ooh my kitchen keeps me happy and sane.

Have an awesome weekend you beauties.


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