Friday, August 1, 2014

It's that time of the week

Hello 1 August 2014!! Don't you love it when a new month starts on a Friday? Yeeha!!

It's the weekend. That is enough reason to get up and dance.

Have a look at my reading list of things that made me smile and laugh out loud just today.

My must read blog every day, but I loved today's post on Kimmy and Bear

I feel the same away about my growing up...And all the special babes in my life, please stay little a little while longer for me

This wonderous fair is getting closer...Come on and Rock-a-Baby at this Sunday market.

I registered today to run the Soweto Marathon.
EEK!! Best I start training.

Love and grace  

Love and smiles my darling bloglets. It's going to be that kind of happy weekend.


Flex your muscle!! from here


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