Tuesday, August 5, 2014

1 Month to go

As I was calling it a night in the early hours of this morning, I realised it's exactly 1 month to go until my birthday. How exciting and oh wow, are we there already? AWESOME!!

*Does a little happy dance* Shimmy shimmy ya'll!

Best I start workig on that wishlist right?

Also as I make my way into my new year, what am I leaving behind?

Not all my beautiful babes and my boys that's for sure. My little hearts that make every moment of life magic. Their beautiful little chubby baby cheeks squishing when you kiss them to sadly realising that they're not babies anymore when they're playing rugby, barefoot in 5 degree weather. Though he'll always be my little baby that one.

Kids are best.

Keep your inner child with you. Hold them close to your heart. And yes, let yourself be little.

Tickles and butterfly kisses,


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