Monday, July 21, 2014

Give it a try...

I was reading something today about how we should probably set ourselves the task for minimum one day to complain less.

That is a wonderful idea, but it got me thinking, how about we do something more. How about we go at least one day this week that we TRY. Try do something that we're thinking about or scared about or doubtful or anxious. Whether it's a phonecall you need to make, a message you need to send, a letter you need to write, a business plan to put together or something to bake. Try! Be amazed by what you can do when you try. 

I think it'll be great for perspective and I think life is sooo much better when you try. Also I think it will help when we try and it's easier to be a little more positive when you try. Little triumphs make me feel so much better and give me more energy. 

Try something, tomorrow is a good day to start perhaps. Just do it for one whole day. I'm going to try it and I sure it'll be best.

Happy Monday


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