Friday, July 4, 2014


So I came off my bike today. It was both rather spectacular and not, all at the same time. I wasn't in traffic avoiding a silly driver. Oh no, I was coming home from yoga this morning. Pretty serene right. Coming up the ramp in my garage and I can't really remember what happened between my smiling and then flying across the ramp and a heavy bit of bike still landing on my foot. Man that thing is heavy, who would have thought. Anyway I'm bruised, but in one piece. It feels that way. I picked myself up, leaned over, switched my bike off and then proceeded to lug it down the ramp as I limped next to it, holding back the tears.

I limped into my house and silly me, I still took the stairs, really?! I need to keep fit and not take the lift when injured. Anyway I'm fine, this is totally my own diagnosis by the way.

It's Friday! Yee to the Ha! I need sunshine and a swimming pool preferably, but that ain't gonna happen is it.

Have a gorgeous weekend you beauties.

Do something beautiful for yourself.

Sunshine and hugs



  1. Just to try soothe you a bit, when I started cycling, I used a mountain bike without cleats and did my first 94.7 on knobblies! Then I swaped for a road bike with cleats. I fell so many times trying to use those cleats I had to take voltaren injections! One incident was near fatal with taxi's on Malibongwe Drive wjilst I was trying to get to Krugersdorp highway!

    1. Well that is quite an adventure you were on! Yikes! I think I should get a mountain bike, at least pedal power might be a little safer and there is no accelerator you can rev by mistake. You're quite the accomplished cyclist now though... Thank you for your message.


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