Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Food for thought


Breakfast!! My favourite meal of the day. Honestly it is. I cannot think of any meal I look forward to more. It excites me I must be honest. Does that make me weird? Wonderful!!

I also enjoy that it really informs where my day is headed too. The right nutrition ensures a great day for me. Skipping breakfast for me is rarely an option if ever. There are things I'd rather go without, like mascara, but NOT my morning meal. Noo way honey.

I love mornings too. Fave time of the day. Waking up later than 7am really outs me out of wack. I say this now. Clearly I have no children.

Tue-day(get it :) ), I thought I'd list some of my fave breakfasts. A great green juice is really one of my favourite boosts for the day. Really amps me up. I've also been know to add garlic to the mix to give my immune system a boost with nature's antibiotic. Real, fresh garlic does not give you that stink.

I always like to start with a cup of hot water with lemon...

What about some fresh juice to add colour to your life and health? Defs yes!

From here

I'll be trying out this glowing morning juice today. Excited!
I love my espresso in the morning. Quick shot of luxury. Hot and perfect. No sugar needed.
From here
This is my fave breakfast so far. I tried it out on my now darling ex one morning after he got off a yucky long haul flight. A definite welcome home honey and great boost to fight off any in flight germs that wanted to stay. Oh also we can all get a little glory into our mornings.

Morning glory oats from Joy the Baker

Eggs...Not a huge fan of them often, but they really are breakfast don't you think?

Bacon and egg cups from the M-Stew
I also tried this on my now darling ex for the first time. He was my wonderful kitchen guinea pig, a most willing one I think. Such a pleasure to cook for him. I love making food for people I love.

How about this for yummy?
Anyone say yum to some fresh ciabatta and Italian baked eggs
Oh wait and did you say pizza for breakfast? here's a healthy twist

How about a little cauliflower crust pizza

Please you beauties, don't skip breakfast. If nothing else, eat a piece of fruit. It is not for nothing that they say it's the most important meal of the day.

And you're important, so eat your breakfast.

Beautiful Tuesday to you all.


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