Thursday thoughts

What do you want to do with your life? I want to make beautiful handbags. Leather, fabric totes with leather handles and all sorts of beautifulness. Why am I doing what I do I ask? Strategy, consulting, where do I start? At the very beginning might be a great place to start.

Key question is though, where is this beginning that we so often speak of? Best I find it and soothe my soul perhaps. For fear I will stay wondering and being slightly lost.

What is one of your deepest, most sincere dreams? What would you really love to do and get your hands stuck into? I do feel like consulting is the purgatory of really tortured closet creatives and fearsome dreamers. It's where we often go to wait and lie in the quasi comfort or medical aid and pension funds and routine that claws at our inner recesses. Staid thinking that takes us to a very dark place in fiercely lit office building with too little natural light.

Take one step, even a little step like you're testing out the water with your big toe, before you jump into the pool. A toe, becomes a foot, becomes a shin and ideally, we can go head first into the vast pool of our dreams and most earnest capabilities.

Go out there you beauties.

Just try!

Listen closely to yourself, you know where you're going.

Dance little dreamers!



  1. Hi there,
    What a lovely written post, and one I can relate to in particular these past few weeks. So inspiring to be reminded that we must hold on to our dreams tightly.... and then do whatever it may take to make them a reality.
    Sending sparkles for your journey, and I'd love to see your bags one day!
    Thanks again for the inspiration!
    Lindé x

    1. Dear Lindé
      Thank you so much for the great note. Glad it resonated. Thank you, it makes me really want to go out there and do it.Oh and super thanks for the sparkles. Love me some of those.
      Sending you sparkles right back on your journey and may they guide you through the shades of doubt.


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