Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pen to...

Who the heck knows at the moment. I love to write, but I've been doing far too little of it lately. Actually for quite a while now. I think I think and feel better when I write things down. From a neat to do list with my favourite pens in one of my many note books, to noting quotes and ideas down in my "note" on my iPhone.

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It's been said that the best way to write is to get writing.

Perhaps that's what I should do....

Daddy has it kind of engrained in me that to do something, one needs a qualification to do it. I have a degree in English as a major, but now I've been thinking what else do I need to bolster this qualification. Perhaps me actually getting writing and putting it out there. First step right? Hihi

I found some courses on line... It would be wonderful to go to a tour of all the great writers haunts in Paris, but that would be wonderfully self indulgent and I'm not too sure I wouldn't get caught up between cafes and crepes and the the wonderfully cobbled side streets of the 'city of light.' Quelle beauté.

Reading the NY Mag online the other day, I stumbled upon their higher learning link. On there I found a writer's course, online option of course, because I don't know anyone who will pay to fly me to NY to study. A girl can dream. So here I sit wondering about whether I should try out one of the online courses at Gotham. mm.. Here is something else for me to ponder.

An important lesson I need to learn that will get me into action at a far greater pace and with a far greater hit rate is to remember that, "Done is better than perfect."

Perfection is often my standard and stumbling block.

What are you thinking of going for you lovely little bloglets?

Stay warm if you're in Joburg, but do venture out and chase your dreams wherever you are.


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