Happy Weekend

Perfectly packaged (source)
It's the most wonderful time of the week :) So happy to finally arrive at Friday to unwrap the beauty that is the weekend. Yay! A full week that blitzed through as much as it dawdled to an end. Some bigs things happened this week. As did some great little things.

What are your weekend plans? Whatever they be, may they be wonderful.

I've been very reflective lately. Well more than usual, but thinking more about good stuff instead of stressing myself out into a frenzy in my head. Been on a positive thoughts tip lately. Good direction for my head I say.

Here are some beautiful little finds from the inter webs for you to have a look at:

"Often much truth is told in jest" - Thank you Sarah Silverman
I've literally just chopped all my hair off, but you may find this advice handy
"But why are they only taking girls?" I've been asking the same thing.
Even we single gals need this wisdom in our arsenal
So many bags to covet from & other stories
If I read nothing else this weekend, I need to read this, about going the distance

Happy weekend



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