Be brave!

That is my theme for my day today! Actually I think I may just carry it through with me for a lot longer! Seems like a great companion through life.

It's easy to think about bravery when you face the break of day atop your little Vespa-rina.  Great way to start the morning I must say. Sunshine on my face and in my eyes(since I forgot to don  my sunnies).

It just settled on me as I whizzed through 8am traffic, travailing across some intersections with sleepy drivers, it settled on me like a warm, protective shroud. Be brave was what it was. Don't know where it came from, but I'm grateful.

It's Friday you beauties and a really bright one in a lovely sunny Joburg. Loves it. Some fun work to do and some important decisions to make or rather execute. Hence I have to be brave and take the plunge into what I really want to do.

Be wishful and wistful this weekend.


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