Friday, February 28, 2014

Thank you and goodbye

Walking away..from here

Last day! Yeah let's say that again! LAST DAMN DIZZY DAY!! While to some I'd have rather said "fuck you and goodbye", I kept it together and kept it clean and decent. Left like a lady, head high and happy! It took a lot. Good goodness!! That was the final push and it took all the strength I had to leave on a high note. Pity I don't get high, because that may have helped make it easier.

But I'm glad for the gritting my teeth and high road experience. I feel vindicated. That is for sure.

Last day of the month too, I think it's all best that it ends this way. I'm looking forward to beginnings.

And that is why we need endings. I'm not a fan of drafts, so these doors need a closing people!

Be brave enough to open the door even when you are not sure what lies ahead. All you are sure of is that some doors need to be closed behind you. Don't look back, you're not going that way!

Remember to say thank you, because you are thankful for the experience.

Big loves, big decisions and big bright futures to you all.


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