Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No hard feelings

So I had my exit interview yesterday. Never had one, but an interesting experience none the less. Here I have my doubts they will use any of my constructive criticism, but that is theirs.

I was strangely overcome with emotion. The main reason I discovered as I walked to my desk is that, There we no hard feelings. All that yuckiness and torment that I'd gone through over the past few months. The what felt like targeted bullying, the relentless boredom and lack of work to do. The soul crushing and the leaving out. It was hard, but yesterday before I went in even, I realised that the anger was gone. I'd let it go. I wish them better than they are now. It made me quite emotional and there was a point where I was speaking to this HR lady where I almost cried.

Letting go is good. Especially of hard feelings like anger, tension, stress, negativity, low morale. Yikes! Just a drag and it will take you with it.

Be gone yuckiness!

Let it go.

Don't go down with it.

Lightness, love and letting go people.

The world works even better with kindness.

Don't stop believing!


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